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Coast Restaurant
This is a delightful and well established restaurant on Dock Street, a short walk from the Esplanade.
2-4 Dock Street,
CF36 3BL
(01656) 782025

Jaipur Indian Restaurant
Enjoy authentic Indian cuisine on the Esplanade.
34 The Esplanade,
CF36 3YR

(01656) 786950

La Rochelle Brasserie
(Fish, Seafood)
La Rochelle Brasserie is a seafood and steak restaurant that serves the best and locally sourced black Welsh meat.
9 Well Street,
CF36 3BE

(01656) 782330
Pepe Piccante
Divine Mediterranean cuisine on the Esplanade.
33 Esplanade,
CF36 3YR

(01656) 785556  

Ristorante Rava
Enjoy sumptuous Italian cuisine from this friendly venue on Mary Street.
29 Mary Street,
CF36 3YN
(01656) 773888  
Tribal Coconut
Exotic cuisine in picturesque surroundings on the Esplanade.
27 The Esplanade,
CF36 3YR
(01656) 785 304  
Marine Bar Porthcawl The Marine Porthcawl
24 The Esplanade
CF36 3YR
(01656) 783 492  
Ogmore Riding Stables Ponies and Horses.

Riding a horse on a wide open beach near the lapping fringe of the sea is a dream for many people. At Ogmore Farm near Bridgend in South Wales this dream is a reality, every day. A two hour trek meanders from the yard twice a day, traversing rivers, beach and high sand dunes. The farm is set in beautiful surroundings, under the silent presence of imposing Ogmore Castle.There are three scheduled treks per day: 10.30 - 2hr Trek - £35/13.00 - 2hr Trek - £35/15.00 - 1hr Trek - £25. Tel 01656 880856


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