Photographs of Cardiff City by David Anthony Batten
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Photos of Cardiff City - Impressionistic Photography of Cardiff City by David Anthony Batten
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29 years ago when travelling through Portugal and surfing. Whilst walking to A Praia de Coxos from Ribama with my 35mm Olympus OM10. I paused and knelt down in among a crop of straws and Hay to photograph a Red Poppy and a few Daisy's in amongst the blonde and green grass which created a backdrop for the more colourful flowers in the Bouquet. I posed my picture and as I pressed the shutter, a swirl of wind came dancing through the grasses and swayed them side to side. At this moment the grasses stopped and a breeze caught the flowers as my shutter clicked. When I returned to the UK and my Slide film had been developed and mailed back to me......that night when I viewed my photos of my picture stood out. It was of a wall of Hay and straws which surrounded a Red Poppy and Daisy which had blurred slightly in an Impressionistic Bouquet of colour. I gazed in amazement as ideas flowed through my mind. 15 years later when SLR Cameras became digital, I have explored this avenue of Impressionistic photos by photographing Flowers In The Wind. And since then I have pursued a few forms of Impressionistic photography exploiting the Technical Limitations of Cameras and tricking them into producing Impressions of Beautiful Imagery.